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country, its ideas, its way of life, its ethics; yes, even its plumbing! and try to prove its superiority. Then it is that Baba steps in and breaks it down, leaving you to integrate something in its place. To put him in that void, the creative living spirit of Baba .. to try and find anew this Centre of the Universe in your own environment and finally within yourself.


Trehearne expresses this so beautifully; "You can never enjoy this world aright until the sea itself floweth in your veins. Till you are clothed by the heavens and crowned by the stars. Until you realize that you are the sole heir of the whole universe and more than so, that there are men in it who are sole heirs of the whole universe as well as you; until you can delight in God as a miser delights in gold, you can never enjoy the universe."


The question now arises, "How is it that after so many, many years with a Perfect Master, one is still facing failures and mistakes?"


The Persian mystic and poet, Hafiz, says: "The Path of Love seemed to be an easy and comfortable one in the beginning, but now I know better. It is surcharged with unimagined difficulties, trials and tribulations."


Baba gives us a clue in the following passage: "The greater the strife and the more intensified the struggle to attain liberation, the more the shackles of illusion are felt, as this very action brings greater awareness of the illusion (Maya), which then becomes more impressive and realistic."


In this greater awareness and understanding of the illusion of Maya, I find compensation, for with it, has come an increased awareness of the closeness of Baba's Infinite Love as the, 'Light Within,' the indwelling Presence, full of mercy and forgiveness, two of Baba's many loveable attributes, as they were in Jesus.


In Baba's forgiveness lies great beauty, for it leads to a fresh surrender to the Master, which brings you closer to him each time.


"Spiritual advancement," says Baba,"truly is a story of a succession of one surrenderance after another, a progression from a minor conquest to a major one, until the final surrenderance of the separate ego-life is completely achieved."


"Pilgrim, Pilgrimage and Road
Was but Myself toward Myself, and Your
Arrival but Myself at My own door;
Who in your Fraction of Myself behold
Myself within the Mirror Myself hold,
To see Myself in, and each part of Me
That sees himself, though drowned, shall ever see
Pilgrim, Pilgrimage and Road."


A Growth in Faith


Without resorting to teaching, preaching or reading, Meher Baba in his silent way, awoke in us a gradual inner awareness of his Divine Consciousness and Messiahship, but never in any way asking us to accept or believe in his claims. Says Baba in his "Discourses," "An unwavering faith which is grounded in pure intuition can only come to a mind which is


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