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Attention Readers:


THE AWAKENER is proud to announce that as a special service, and through the loving cooperation of Mani and Beheram Irani (Baba 's sister and brother), a rare and beautiful collection of photos called "A TREASURE-TROVE of BABA PHOTOS," is now being made by Beheram in India for all who wish them.


Many of these pictures are truly "collector's items" to the devotee, and one may find such rare gems as; (A) Baba, as the boy Merwan, a curly-haired lover of sports, not yet aware of His sublime destiny. Another, (B) taken at the time of His complete absorption in the unfathomable state of Absolute Godhood, and wearing the coat, sadra and sandals which even today, in His own words are "My most sacred possessions. " Yet another, (C) called "Reverie," shows the Master in a beautifully pensive mood. Each picture carries its own unique message of Love, and is therefore a treasure to have and to cherish. THE "TREASURE-TROVE of BABA PHOTOS," which includes more than 40 unusual pictures, comes in a range of sizes, dull or glossy finish. Prices include Sea-Mail postage from Indu: For those who wish to make a Family Album of the "TREASURE-TROVE," one complete set of the photos will be specially priced.



$ .25
Cabinet Size (4½ x 6½)
$ .45
Full Plate       (6 "x 7½ ")
$ .60
Enlargement (10" x 12")



Apt. 1 R.W., 507 West 59th St.

New York 19, N. Y.


Dear Miss Williams:


I am interested in "A TREASURE-TROVE of BABA PHOTOS."

Please send me _ number of Photo A _; Photo B _; Photo C _in

Sizes_- Finish: _ Dull; _ Glossy


I enclose ---------- by q Check q Money Order. by check or Money Order.

Please inform me of the other TREASURE-TROVE PICTURES available





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