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But Baba forgives and we understand each other. The least smell of intellectualism, which for Him is synonymous with hypocrisy, "bothers" Him. He told me to balance mind and heart, with heart having precedence. It is a wonderful lesson, especially having Baba's own example of awakening rather than teaching.


In talking to Malcolm, He mentioned that distractions (of sanskaras) clutter up the mind so we can't get at the subconscious, to recall essential things. On the way to Sakori, Baba was very considerate, warning of dust, etc. He put on a scarf, but I said it was dangerous when riding, as it would catch on something. He immediately removed it, no doubt to show me how to be obedient.


Jokes were in order. I told two. A boy was asked by his teacher to define space. "I've got it in my mind," he said, "but I can't think of it." And: A child was asked to define Ireland and answered: "Ireland is like purgatory, a place where people suffer for a while before they go to America."


I'm bringing back pebbles from Baba's ashrams, as He says they have His vibrations. The Sakori Ashram is where Baba lived with Upasni Maharaj for seven years. It was He who gave Baba the Divine Knowledge. It has a wonderful atmosphere. Nuns live there; they speak Sanskrit, as Maharaj was a great scholar.


For the last three nights Baba hasn't slept because of His Work. However, later He said He felt better. John Bass is down with stomach trouble, and I have an ache, too—not used to so much food, or picked up a germ.


Baba asked us to try to see His face in the silence period. I thought of His face and what it expresses:



A line of mastery,
A line of suffering,
A line of joy,
A line of patience.
Between the lines,
The light of His Smile,
The love of His Heart,
The mystery of His Being,
The triumph of His Divinity.


Please greet all. Love in Baba eternally,



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