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your language also, knowing well that you would understand nothing whatsoever if I were to make use of My 'language' alone.


“In order to help you to understand My Final Declaration, and to put and end to your confusion and worry, I want all of you to know that when you saw Me dictate on My alphabet board during the Meetings at Meherabad, and heard about:


    1. A strange disease attacking My body: it was said in your language.

    3. The humiliation that I will suffer: it was said in your language.

    5. The breaking of My Silence and My uttering the One Word of words: it was said in My own 'language' and simultaneously in yours, because when I utter that Word, it will be an audible word to you.

    7. My Glorification: it was said simultaneously in My 'language' and in yours.

    9. The destruction of three-fourths of the world: it was said in My own 'language' alone.

    11. The stab in My back: it was said in My own 'language' alone.

    13. The dropping of My body: it was said in My own 'language' and simultaneously in yours.


      "Consequently, whatever is said by Me in your language, you are able to understand and know what is said; but, that which is said in My own ‘language' is impossible for you to understand, however much you may all try to interpret and grasp the underlying meaning behind My words. Only the fulfillment of events can unfold to you, in due course, the meaning of what is said in My own 'language.'


    "I therefore want you all not to worry unnecessarily or be confused. Just. believe that whatever I say is Truth; and that all that I said in My Final Declaration will come to pass precisely as I have dictated, by the end of April, 1955. And, the beginning of all that is to happen within the period of these six months will be effected by Me from the 1st of December, 1954."



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