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out that message will do My work. It is only for this meeting that I have called you."


Joseph Harb said something to the effect that it was a privilege and a great joy to be here with Baba, and that he hoped he would be made a fit instrument to carry on the work.


Fred Winterfeldt said that when the heart is full, the mouth runs over; that he could scarcely believe that he was really here; and asked by what grace we could attain to the love which Baba described.


Frank Eaton spoke of being deeply impressed by the fellowship of Baba's disciples. Bill LePage and John Ballantyne said something that escaped recording, but it evoked from Baba a profound comment.


"One who wants nothing, gets everything," He said. "Nothing means nothing, and one who wants nothing, is never disappointed."


He asked Malcolm if this were not so, and received an affirmative reply. Then He turned to Francis Brabazon, whose remarks also escaped recording, but in response Baba quoted a verse from Hafiz, which runs as follows:


"Do not ask for union with God, and do not bewail separation. Seek only the Will of the Beloved."


"Before I met My Beloved in union," Baba continued, "I lost everything . . . ego, mind, and lower consciousness; but thank God I did not lose My sense of humor. That is why I appear amongst you on your level."


Darwin Shaw said something that reminded Baba of an incident in New York in 1952, and asked Darwin if he remembered what had happened to Keith MacGaffey and himself in the Bronx Zoo.


Max Häfliger said, "I don't understand anything about you, but I like your people."


“That means you don't like Me?" asked Baba.


Max said something about liking Baba sometimes.


"So you like My people all the time," said Baba, And you like Me sometimes."


Fred Frey said that he was up in a cloud; that Baba was just what he had expected; that he felt warmed inwardly by Baba's people; and that if he could bring Baba's love back to America it would make him most happy.


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