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personal experience. But though God has been realized by only a few, the idea can never be called an unpractical ideal, inasmuch as it is possible for everyone to be spiritually perfect. To realize God is quite practical, but very, very difficult.




The above diagram is one, indivisible whole. A-B-C-D are not four different things, but one and the same without any real difference. The alphabetical letters in the diagram denote:


A = The Almighty = Paramatman = Allah.


He is One, not in the sense of half of two, but the One that remains forever One, without a second. He was always infinite, is infinite, and will always remain infinite. He is the shoreless Ocean of Truth. He is beyond time and space, cause and effect. He is beyond instinct, intellect and inspiration. But He is "unconscious," though not in the ordinary sense of the word. By "unconscious," it is meant the Almighty is in the state which may be called the Beyond-State; for it is beyond even the superconscious state, and is unconscious of its nature. In this state, the Almighty cannot exercise His infinite powers in the mental, subtle and gross planes. In short, the Almighty does not know that He is the shoreless Ocean of Truth. He resembles the sound-sleep state.


B = The Creator = Ishwar = Khalik.


He is none other than the Almighty, the infinite Ocean of truth, but He is conscious in one respect. He is conscious as the Creator, but not of being the infinite Ocean of Truth that He actually is. Consequently, although He is the shoreless Ocean of Truth, He, as the Creator, does not know that He is that, and so has concern, not with A and D, but only with


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