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Oh that we knew the magic bridge that runs

between Thy thoughts and the seeds of all things!

Yet we acknowledge in humility that the secret of creation

would not be safe in our self-serving hands.

Thou darest not trust more power to hearts that consist not of love.

Thou alone art perfect Love!

Thou art Lord of all!




What matters then where on this chip of earth

I lay down my head to sleep?

Thy Spirit envelops me, Thy Spirit permeates me,

as sunlight a crystal sphere.

Thy heavenly peace fails upon my mind as silently, as ceaselessly

as moonbeams on still waters.

The magnificence of the star-strewn firmament quiets my too-active mind.

The heavens' ineffable serenity infects me with irresistible calm.

Thou art my invisible, ever-present Friend.

In peaceful sleep my soul departs somewhere to live

In Thy mysterious care.





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