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Existence is Unchangeable; whereas, Life is ever-changing.


Existence is Freedom; whereas, Life is a binding.


Existence is Indivisible; whereas, Life is multiple.


Existence is Imperceptible; whereas, Life is deceptive.


Existence is Independent; ; whereas, Life is dependent on mind, energy and gross      forms.


Existence is; whereas, Life appears to be.


Existence, therefore, is not Life.


Birth and death do not mark the beginning or end of Life. Whereas the numerous stages and states of Life which constitute the so-called births and deaths are governed by the laws of evolution and reincarnation, Life comes into being only once, with the advent of the first dim rays of limited consciousness and succumbs to death only once on attaining the Unlimited Consciousness of Infinite Existence.


Existence, All-knowing, All-powerful, All-present God, is beyond cause and effect, beyond time and space, beyond all actions.


Existence touches all, all shadows and all things. Nothing can ever touch Existence. Even the very fact of its being does not touch Existence.


To realize Existence, Life must be shed. It is Life that endows limitations to the Unlimited Self. Life of the limited self is sustained by the mind creating impressions; by energy supplying the impetus to accumulate and dissipate these impressions through expressions; and by gross forms and bodies, functioning as the instruments through which these impressions are spent, reinforced and eventually exhausted, through actions.


Life is thickly linked with actions. Life is lived through actions. Life is valued through actions. Life's survival depends on actions. Life cognizant is actions—actions opposite in nature, actions affirmative and negative, actions constructive and destructive.


Therefore, to let Life succumb to its ultimate death is to let all actions end. When actions end completely, Life of the limited self spontaneously experiences itself as Existence of the Unlimited Self. Existence being realized, evolution, and involution of consciousness is complete, illusion vanishes,


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