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"One thing is definite. Long before I drop my body, I will speak. The breaking of my Silence will coincide with the breaking of the long-awaited Silence of GOD. The WORD that will move the hearts of all and make them feel that only GOD is Real , is to be the ONE WORD which will carry Infinite Power behind it. So let us hope that GOD will soon make me say that WORD. If I speak now, I can make people flock around me, but that would not serve GOD's purpose. What GOD wills happens, and I will soon speak and let the world know the WORD."


"We have to be honest in our thoughts and deeds. GOD wants us to be absolutely honest. It is better not to believe in GOD than to pose as one who loves GOD. Only when we become honest, can we find GOD even whilst attending to our duties, because then we feel detached. So I give you my Love and Blessings for the attainment of this honesty."


  "Some seek money  
Some seek name,
Some seek power
Some seek fame.
Some want children
Few want GOD,
  Life is a Joke  
And all is a Game.”


BABA then proceeded to explain the use of the word "seek" in the couplet:

"What one seeks with all one's heart one gets. When you say you sought and did not find, it means you did not seek as you ought to have sought. When GOD is found, if sought, why then should you not get the trifles you seek, if you seek them wholeheartedly.

"It is said that if you carry your life in the palm of your hand you can enter the Path of Divine Love. So to say I want to see GOD, means I want to become GOD. It is like an ant saying, "I want to become an elephant."




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