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old mosque where Sai Baba used to sit with his devotees and listen to the Quran, which was recited to him for about half an hour every day. They also paid a visit to Khandoba's Temple, where Maharaj stayed nearly three years without food, under Sai Baba's instructions. "At that time," BABA said, "Sai Baba used to eat large quantities of food and yet often complained that he was feeling very hungry."


It was nearly two in the morning of November 15th at Poona, when Babajan's Dargah was especially unlocked, to enable BABA and his men to pay their respects there. After a little rest, BABA proceeded to Bombay, where he set out on his mission of obeisance to the masts and saints. This is anything but a 'do-it-in-order-to-leave-it perfunctory sort of business with BABA. We see some of his deep love for these lovers of the Path outwardly expressed when he seeks them out in all parts of India in their usually remote haunts, and personally contacts them.


During the break for lunch that day in Bombay, and before he had finished with his mast contacts, BABA said, "Bombay, at the moment, has ten or so very good masts . . . Umer Baba and Mungsaji Maharaj are the spiritual lords of Bombay . . . All masts, wherever they are, are helping in the inner crusade . . . They all know that things are going to happen as have never before happened . . . Out of the entire list of all the masts here I have only contacted seven . . . Four I had already seen before . . . I will now see only three more and then rest for a while before we leave for Hamirpur tonight . . . When the world will be blessed with my Grace, it will be due to the eternal Grace I enjoy from Babajan, Sai Baba and Maharaj."


During the fifteen days of the Fiery Life Rhythm, BABA made so many statements about Masters, saints and masts as to compile a discourse on "Masts and Masters." While dwelling on their words and on the events in the lives of diverse spiritual personalities, such as Guru Nanak and Baba Farid, Swami of Akalkote and Kwaja of Ajmer, Eknath and Bayazid, Dhuniwala Maharaj and Mowlana of Bandra and others, BABA invariably recalled his own Masters with some such remark as "Who is Sai Baba? To talk about a father's father is something quite different; just as I would find it impossible to describe Babajan's greatness."


It was New Years Day, January 1st, 1953, when at Saoner some stray talk induced BABA to disclose, probably for the first time, a part of his 'talk' with Maharaj in the Dahigaon meeting just a few months prior to




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