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Human love in its personal and impersonal aspects is limited; but Divine Love with its fusion of the personal and the impersonal aspects is infinite in being and expression.


Even the highest type of human love is subject to the limitation of individual nature which persists till the Seventh Plane. But Divine Love arises after the disappearance of the individual mind and is free from the trammels of individual nature. In human love, the duality of the lover and the beloved persists; but in Divine Love, the lover and the Beloved become One. At this stage, the aspirant has stepped out of the domain of duality and become one with GOD; for Divine Love is GOD. When the lover and the Beloved are one, that is the end and the beginning.


It is for the sake of Love that the whole universe sprang into existence, and it is for the sake of Love that it is kept going. GOD descends into the realm of illusion because the apparent duality of the Beloved and the Lover is eventually contributory to His conscious enjoyment of His own Divinity. The development of love is conditioned and sustained by the tension of duality. GOD has to suffer the apparent differentiation into the multiplicity of souls in order to carry on the game of Love. They are His own forms, and in relation to them, He at once assumes the role of the Divine Lover and the Divine Beloved. As the Beloved, He is the real and the ultimate object of their appreciation; and as the Divine Lover, He is their real and ultimate Saviour, drawing them back to Himself. Thus, though the whole world of duality is only an illusion, that illusion has come into being for a significant Purpose.


Love is the reflection of GOD's Unity in the world of duality. It constitutes the entire significance of creation. If love is excluded from life, all the souls in the world assume complete externality to each other, arid the only possible relations and contacts in such a loveless world are superficial and mechanical. It is because of love that the contacts and relations between individual souls become significant; and it is love which gives meaning and value to all the happenings in the world of duality. But while love gives meaning to the world of duality, it is, at the same time, a standing challenge to duality. As love gathers strength, it generates creative restlessness and becomes the main driving power of that spiritual dynamic which ultimately succeeds in restoring to consciousness the original Unity of Being.


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