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I will do all that I have to do internally . . . I have to lay the foundation from the ABC to the highest in order to build up for the future . . . I have to set myself afire, and since I am everywhere, all will be in that fire of mine . . . The whole world will have to burn with me . . . It is the most critical period of my Spiritual Work . . . I have to see to my Fiery Life also externally . . . I have to do many, many things . . ." is the gist of the remarks heard from BABA from time to time, during the first fifteen days. Later at Hamirpur, when somebody erred in carrying out an instruction, BABA said in the same vein, "I am burning inside; do not also burn me from the outside by neglect."


Nearing the end of his subsequent country-wide movements and activities for three months, BABA said, in January 1953, that the main task of the Fiery Life still remained to be carried out by himself alone.


As one of his many works, the first thing that was arranged by BABA, was for the audible and continuous repetition of GOD's Names, viz: (1) Ya Yazdan; (2) Allah-hoo; (3) God Almighty; and (4) Parabrahma Paramatman, for him and on his behalf, by twelve individuals, who in turn kept it up day and night throughout the twenty-four hours, for a period of ten days, from the morning of November 2nd, to the morning of the 12th.


Secondly, two of his men were given the duty of repeating, on BABA'S behalf, "Om Parabrahma Paramatman," five thousand times; and "O GOD, BABA asks you to give him strength in his Fiery Life," fourteen hundred times in every twenty-four hours for a period of ten days, from the 3rd to the 14th of November.


Thirdly, five persons were selected to read for BABA for half an hour every day from the Avestha, the Bible, the Granthsahib, the Dnyaneshwari, and the Quran, for four days, from the 2nd to the 5th of November.


Fourthly, as a link between the two groups, one was given the duty of repeating aloud the four Names of GOD one hour daily for the first four days of the two programs.


Fifthly, on the 5th of November, BABA personally went through five different religious ceremonies and performed particular prayers with rapt attention and great reverence, strictly according to the instructions of five of his men whom he had asked to officiate respectively as the Shastri, Dastoor, Mulla, Granthi, and Priest for that occasion.


Explaining the need and the importance of the various external means




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